Compass changes everything. What started as an internal meeting at Insight Global, and sparked a massive turnaround, has become a phenomenon changing the way leaders build trust and get connected to their teams. After this 2-day leadership retreat, your team dynamic will never be the same.

Compass is for leadership teams, cross-functional teams, and/or project teams ready to go there and get connected on an entirely different level to find real solutions to the problems they face.

Your team dynamic will never be the same.


  • Building trust
  • Creating meaning at work
  • Creating alignment toward important results and targets
  • Getting below-the-surface feedback about real challenges
  • Creating action and accountability

How it works.


In Compass, leadership teams use the culture habits to become known to one another and work on hard problems together. They create alignment toward a common vision, clarify challenges, and build plans to take better care of their people and get better results.



Connect to each other and to your purpose.



Define what is helping and hurting results.



Take action and create change.



Implement systems to learn and evolve.

What you’ll do.

Create Connection

We use Compass meetings to bring teams together by sharing experiences, opening up and becoming known to one another.

Improve Collaboration

Having built a foundation of trust and connection, we will go deeper into how best to partner as a leadership team.

Align to Shared Vision & Results

We will align our interests and identify the biggest goals and priorities that take us toward our vision.

Identify Gaps & Create Action

Having identified our gaps, we will prioritize changes that need to be made and put plans in place.

What you’ll get.

A Custom agenda

We’ll create a custom agenda to support your results that matter most

Prep call with all attendees

We use this time to prepare all attendees for the path forward

Compass Facilitation

We build trust & commit to change with our engaging facilitation

A united team with an improvement strategy & plan

We arm you with the tools to implement real change

Detailed synthesis of results

Upon completion of our session, you receive a detailed synthesis of results and next steps

“We built Compass to become known to one another so we can work on hard problems together.”

Bert Bean


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