Culture Exploration

Built to provide a crystal-clear picture of how culture helps and hurts your people and results, we created this solution for leaders to navigate culture and lead more effectively.

“Surveys don’t change culture. People do.”

Wondering how this differs from your run-of-the-mill engagement survey?

This experience is for those ready to look in the mirror and take action.

We recommend an exploration as a powerful first step of any Compass experience.

How it works.



We’ll capture sentiments from key members to understand our cultural strengths/weaknesses and how they impact results.


Exploration Meetings

Structured discussions to learn what is consistent and how culture is experienced differently.


History Session

Meeting with long-service team members to understand how the culture has evolved over time.


Compass Sessions

Sessions to pull insights from our immersive connection exercise.


Culture Survey

We use a proven culture survey to connect qualitative feedback to data that backs it up.

What you’ll get.

Cultural Insights Report

A compelling summary of key opportunities, challenges, and initial strategies for change supported by data, stories, and examples.

Sub-Unit Reporting

A detailed game plan overview of how culture differs across roles, levels, functional areas, and other demographics.

Tell The Story

We build assets that provide an easy to consume picture of how culture needs to change.

Improvement Plan Framework

We work with an internal cross-functional team to customize the culture exploration approach and build an improvement plan.


Get Started

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