We understand the power of culture because we’ve lived it.

Compass is a culture consulting & leadership development group born from within leading staffing firm Insight Global, who has quietly built one of the strongest company cultures in the country. We built Compass to expand on and share our innovative approach with the world.

“We built Compass to become known to one another so we can solve hard problems, together.”

BERT BEAN, CEO Insight Global

Our Story

Where We Were

Our people
were firing us.

Our culture was broken. After two decades of steady company growth and incredible results, the hard work and determination that had gotten us there was no longer paying off. Attrition was at an all-time high, revenue growth was in decline, and our people were firing us. We realized our challenges came down to one thing, a broken culture.

What We Did

By taking a unique approach to reimagining company culture, Compass was born.

Led by Insight Global CEO Bert Bean, in the fall of 2018, the IG executive team took part in the first ever Compass. We dared to go there, take off the masks and have real conversations about who we were as people and who we had become as an organization. We clarified our purpose, established shared values and created a new vision of what we wanted to build together.

What Happened Next

We turned around our business results and changed our people’s lives.

Over the course of the next 12 months, every team across our 60 location and 4-thousand-person company did Compass. We connected to each other, to our newly formed purpose and to the results we needed to achieve together. We made huge changes to the way we operate. As a result, our business took off. Attrition plummeted and revenue grew at an unprecendeted rate.

Why It Matters To You

Compass is a proven and
repeatable process.

Since our inception in 2020, we’ve brought Compass to hundreds of organizations across all industries and have observed a simple and powerful truth. Better connection leads to happier people and better business results.


When your people thrive so does your business.

Empower Change

Compass equips you with the vision, roadmap and tools to make lasting, positive change for everyone.

Inspire Greatness

Everything we do is designed to bring out the best in people, as individuals and teams.

Create Meaning

We want to create fulfillment and purpose. This is the state in which people do their best work, contribute at the highest level and accomplish big things.

Make the World Better

When people are fulfilled and happy, they are able to support their families and communities more completely. This goodness expands and multiplies. This is our end game.

Our Team

Steve Wasik

Vice president
Tim Kuppler

Tim Kuppler

Managing Director —
Culture Solutions

Brittany Tipton

Managing Director —
Culture Development

Jarrod Sammet

Managing Director —
Culture & Leadership

Eloise Nordling

Culture Navigation Analyst

Sarah Wagner

Culture Navigation Strategist

Alexa Goodwin

Culture Development Leader

Cicilya Kaunang

Culture Development Leader

Jill McFarland

Culture Development Leader

Kara Teigen

Culture Development Leader

Meghan Leonard

Culture Development Leader

Matt Mendez

Strategic Culture Advisor

Alysun Hudepohl

Culture Navigation Strategist

Dave Croci

Director, Culture and Leadership Solutions

Amanda Jones

Marketing Manager